Co-founder Invitation

Together we can create something all inspirational you need to build.

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We are an end-to-end venture builder of startups in various fileds in Indonesia. We are currently looking for partners who have an entrepreneurial spirit and have a vision of providing social impact and improving the quality of life for many peoples. Especially for people who want to  be at the forefront of new innovation, we will inform which tactics need funding and which drain resources. Your goals are individual. We believe business advice should be too, so we help your business thrive in this work environment.


To orchestrate all resources, efforts, and initiation into a single company-wide goal and strategy


A Co-Founder performs a vital role in product improvements and implementation. In the early stages of a new startup, a co-founder takes a very active role in forming the team, growing the MVP, defining specifications, and bringing that product into life.


  • Team building
  • Defining strategies and action plans
  • Budget management
  • Setting performance indicators and performance review


  • Recognize Market Opportunities
  • Forming and orchestrating the team
  • Lead Product Development
  • Performing direct Marketing and Promotion launching
  • Providing Financial Estimates
  • Create Business Plans and legal Documents
  • Build and Lead the Team
  • Bringing in new investors


  • Entrepreneurship morality
  • Investor Relation
  • Well known about the funding process
  • Having previous experience in the same role
  • Domain expertise in Product, Leadership, Marketing, and Sales
  • Familiarity with startups and technologies

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